If you're potty training at home, you want Peapod Mats! You can put these mats under or on top of kid's sheets. If they have an accident, it's easy to just pull them off and wash them versus having to wash your bedding over and over.

They're great for a number of things—camping, sleepovers, going to camp, etc. They're also great for saving your sofa. Just lay your PeapotMat on the sofa when your child is on it, and it'll save that, too.

PeapotMats are great for up to 500 washes, so you're going to get through a few kids with just one. They make a great shower gift—even if your friend isn't using it right now, they will use it in the future.

We've got the best selection in Edmonton and Sherwood Park. We carry both sizes—3x3' and 3x5'—and they come in four different colours. And they will save you from washing sheets all the time.